The Trendiest Color of 2018

This year’s color of the year has been announced. It is Ultra Violet. A gorgeous purple color. Historically it has been known as a spiritual, mystical and majestic color. It speaks to our desire for a more mindful world

Some of our favorite purple flowers are gladiolus, wax flower, mini calla and carnations. They come in so many hues and forms from pale lavender to deep purple.

Large and Re-purposable Arrangements

Requests for large focal arrangements that can be re-purposed will replace last year’s preference for multiple smaller designs. Another important trend is the ability to customize your floral arrangement to match your personal style.

Be Ready for Distinct Trends

First of all, forget the flower crown! Elegant tiaras are in style. Floral necklaces, bracelets, rings and cuffs made of small, delicate flowers are topping the must-have list as well.

The metallic of the year is gold. Bronze accents with Mother of Pearl are also on top of the list. Elegant marble is the popular stone this year. It complements the elegance of gold and Mother of Pearl.

4 Popular Design Styles

Mediterranean Chic, Earth Elements, Positively Posh and Folk Art Reinvented. There are the four distinct designs that people are going wild over.

Mediterranean Chic

Mediterranean Chic is defined by vines, fruits and greens  and are arranged in formal pedestal vases or placed against structured patterns. The color schemes that you should search for to complete this look are yellows and light blues mixed with vibrant peaches, vibrant reds, pinks, and purples.

Incarnation of Earth Elements

Juxtaposition of natural browns, greens and whites give a modern edge to classic wedding décor and embellishments that fit naturally indoor and out. The key to this trend is to contrast organic materials found in nature with more modern materials such as structured geometrical elements.

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Positively Posh

This is a very romantic and Vogue inspired trend. Think 1800th century France, with gorgeous pinks and roses.

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Folk Art Reinvented

This repurposed garden style has a fresh look with its explosive mix of bold colors. Textural greens juxtaposed to vivid oranges, reds, hot pinks and yellows for an interesting blend of hippy style meets country chic.

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