From art fair booth to brick and mortar shop.

Learn about the origin of MillWright Marketplace.

It Started with a creative Heart

Judy the owner and founder started her career working office jobs, but something was always lacking. She comes from a long line of artists. Her mother and grandmother were both painters and poets while on her father’s side all six of her aunts were painters and her dad  was an inventor.  She always had a desire to design and create and work with her hands and an eye for color. 

Thriving Artist's Guild at Dallas Marketcenter

Humble Beginnings

Judy started her business doing it as a hobby. She would travel with her booth called Judy’s Jubilee, where she sold handcrafted jewelry. She went everywhere from Dallas Market, Weatherford to Texoma and much more. Her booth started to gain recognition and won several awards such as “Most Whimsical Booth” at the Graham Art Festival and “Best Booth” at Falls Fest.

Big Steps

In 2012 Judy got an opportunity to buy her first building in Archer City, Texas. It was a huge step because she knew that if she bought a  building, there was no turning back! She purchased the building and sold re-purposed DIY crafts, antiques and jewelry. She began selling floral designs also.

Present Day

December 2013 was another big step. Judy had outgrown her original building and bought out Archer Flower Shop, the current location. She completely remodeled and redecorated it.

In 2014 she expanded even more and bought the neighboring buildings.

Now we have a huge space to display Southern style inspired unique gifts, teas, body care, and more. We also have a full service flower shop to design and create fresh flowers daily.

Another benefit of the new building allowed us to open up an art studio where we have monthly art classes called Art Splash on the Square.

The origin of MillWright

Our company name MillWright Marketplace came from a combination of Judy’s maiden name Wright and her husband’s last name Miller. The definition of MillWright means a person who designs or builds mills.This perfectly describes our business because we love to create and design